Medical Finnish – online language course for Healthcare professionals

Are you a healthcare professional and interested to work in Finland? To help you in this endeavor, we have designed the most comprehensive language course, especially for healthcare professionals. The courses were developed based on our knowledge of Finnish healthcare, combined with the knowledge of Claned, an award-winning, intelligent learning platform developer and the long-term experience of Dr Pia- Maria Päiviö, a well renowned Finnish language professor.


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Suomea sairaalaympäristössä - these courses are tailored to a medical environment to help doctors, nurses, practical nurses and dentists to integrate into the Finnish healthcare system efficiently. Learning by use of analytics, ergonomic social features, AI-powered recommendations, online teaching sessions, visual stimulus, easy communication, and the learning path generator makes this platform, the most personal and insightful learning environment. Our well-planned and balanced curriculum supports the student’s skills to internalize grammar, spoken and written language, medical terminology, as well as interaction and integration skills. These features make Suomea sairaalaympäristössä a truly engaging and collaborative environment to learn one of the most interesting languages, Finnish. 


Each of the three online courses (Suomea sairaalaympäristössä 1A, 1B and 2) consist of two 45-minute-long online lessons per week. These include reading, speaking, listening and written exercises and other useful information about Finland and Finnish culture. During online lessons, which are held via Zoom you are able to speak and learn Finnish with a professional teacher’s guidance alongside other language learners. All necessary grammar and vocabulary materials are found on the Claned online learning platform, built on ease of use. There are also videos of basic language use that support learning of the Finnish language. Most of the exercises are self-correcting, but there are also many exercises that are corrected and commented on by a teacher. Most of the reading materials are in the form of dialogue, to make the language use as authentic as possible. In courses 1B and 2, more formal texts are used alongside texts that consist of everyday dialogue, combined with more specific language and operating models needed in the healthcare sector. Along with a collection of extra materials about Finnish language and culture, you will effortlessly spend 8 hours a week learning Finnish.


So why move to Finland? Finland is well-known as an innovative, modern and well-functioning society. Our economic and political stability support one’s everyday living and development as a professional. Clean lakes, fresh air, and lush green forests make Finland a safe and attractive option for you and your family.  

Would you like to learn more about how to be a healthcare professional in Finland and gain more deeper insight into our online Finnish courses study plan? 

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