AI-powered teleradiology

Our teleradiology services, which conform to the high standards of the Finnish healthcare system, can help you to improve patient safety.

Digital teleradiology services since 2012

Our customers, including public and private sector hospitals and clinics, are provided high-quality results with fast turnaround times, implementing the highest safety standards of the Finnish Health System, which is ranked among the best in the world. Our processes are GDPR compliant and we have a deep understanding of the importance of patient data security. Our company’s radiologists are leading specialists in their field and we are accredited by the Finnish national medical supervisory board at Valvira. We cover all major disciplines of radiology including cardiological, dental, musculoskeletal, mammographic, neurological and prostate imaging. Radiology reports are standardised to follow best practice and all our specialists share the ability to efficiently create consistent, high-quality reports.

 Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the tools that MEDI Connection is developing with several international teleradiology teams. We believe AI technology combined with human expertise is the winning combination, as AI will not replace doctors but assist them on a daily basis. AI is not only reducing workflow but helping to develop the knowledge of radiologists and significantly supports them in daily diagnostic routines.

Teleradiology services

Report services
Our teleradiologists can support the needs of medical imaging sites. Our services are provided to answer the increasing need for medical imaging and a global shortage of qualified radiologists.  

Second opinion 
Our radiologists provide a second opinion or a confirmation of a diagnosis. Our team of doctors consists of specialists in different fields of radiology. 

Seasonal resources
including overflow images, backlogs and undersupply during the holiday season. An excellent way to handle seasonal variations and peak times. 

Emergency services 
including on-call services and urgent consultations, which can speed up patient care, improving the efficiency of research diagnostics and patient safety. 

How to join us

The process is simple. Contact us and we will tailor the service package based on your needs, with no hidden fees. After signing the contract, we will advise you on how to utilize our standardized co-operation models to succeed and improve efficiency.