AI-powered Healthcare solutions

Finnish companies are leading the way in medical technology and device innovations. Finland has a long history of producing innovative, high quality, efficient and reliable services and products.

Our priority

To offer our clients opportunities to benefit from Finnish innovations, education and operating models in the field of healthcare. Finnish medical care, education and efficient operating models are among the best in the world. Behind the Finnish welfare system is a well-run health care system that utilises advanced techniques and innovative technological solutions.


The strength of experience

International Consultation

Let us help you to find solutions and services for your company that will ease your workflow by providing state-of-the-art efficiency. We help organizations by providing tools for more efficient operating models and simplifying the processes between healthcare professionals and patients.

Medical technology and device sourcing

Our team of experts can help your company to acquire what you require. Countries like Finland that have a standardized infrastructure set up according to international rules that make exporting of goods and services easier.